Our Approach

At AccountingLive, we believe that small businesses deserve better. Here’s what we think technology should be!

Here are just some of the great reasons to use AccountingLive!


If you’re in business, you need to spend your time doing what’s important: being with your customers, getting your products right and increasing productivity. We believe that technology can help, but not if it’s too complex or expensive. It needs to be easy and affordable – or else it’s a waste of time!


Small business transactions today just aren’t efficient – and that’s a fact. A customer asks for a product, the vendor sends out a quote, the customer orders, the vendor sends an invoice, the customer records the bill and pays it, and the vendor records the payment. At every step, there’s paperwork that records the same information over and over, and when there are software systems in place, they’re not compatible. This has to change – technology needs to be more integrated, more flexible and more consistent. Above all, it has to be easy!


Today the Internet connects us through computers, smartphones and tablets – and that connectivity is increasing every day. We’re becoming global – our customers and suppliers are no longer just around the corner. To succeed, small business have to be online and able to work anytime, anywhere. Technology that can only be used back at the office is a thing of the past!


Worrying about security has turned small business owners into engineers. Instead of growing their business, they’re spending their time with data backups, antivirus software and firewalls. But now, with cloud technology, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What We’re Doing About It

We’ve created AccountingLive, and our goal is to deliver the best accounting and e-commerce tool there is for small business. We don’t just want to integrate and simplify business management for individual businesses – we want to build a complete business community, including customers, suppliers, partners, accountants and banks, where everything works together and information just flows.

To realize this vision, we know that AccountingLive not only has to be easy and integrated – it has to be reliable and secure. We’ve embraced the cloud computing revolution, so that small businesses can focus on managing their business – and let the experts make sure their data is safe and always available.

We’re a dedicated group of professionals with extensive experience in finance, business operations and technology, so we know what this takes. We’re curious and hardworking, so we know how to get there. Above all, we’re passionate about helping our customers, so we have the will to succeed.

We’re AccountingLive, and we’re determined to change the way small businesses are managed.

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